Boyds Hardwood Stocks Prairie Hunter

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Boyds Hardwood Stocks Prairie Hunter

Model: Howa 1500 SA FBC Nutmeg Finish

The Prairie Hunter design sports a slightly raised Monte Carlo comb parallel to the bore, which aids with proper cheek alignment for scope usage and has nicely blended flutes in front of the comb to conceal the thumb and prevent thumb to nose contact when the gun recoils.

An elegant cheek piece provides additional facial support and is blended beautifully into the stock and grip, which discourages the shooter from climbing up onto the scope and keeping the stock aligned with your shoulder for superior recoil absorption.

A slender and slightly open oval pistol grip with slight palm swell is well defined with the comb to give you a firm grip which allows quick mounting to the shoulder and aids with proper eye position with the scope.

A sleek bevelled hand-conforming forend is oval-shaped to allow superior palm to forend weld to help improve off-hand shooting and is proportioned to complement barrels of 22 to 26 inches in length.

Prairie Hunter Features:

  • Material under the barrel channel has been removed to improve the balance of the firearm
  • 1/2″ rubber recoil pad for quick non-slip mounting
  • All Finished stocks are 100% machine inlet for a drop-in fit
  • Reinforcing screws installed for added strength
  • The average weight is 2.8 lbs.
  • Laboratory acid-based satin finish, proven to resist chemical damage and harsh treatment from the elements
  • The length of pull on this stock is 13 3/4″
  • The overall length is approximately 32.”



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