Elite Explorers Kit BCB CK065 camping hiking bushcraft kit





Elite Explorer’s Kit – 32 Piece Kit

The ultimate survival kit for the elite explorer! Jam packed with tools, medical, fire lighting and emergency signalling items.

All packed inside our large vibrant red 500D nylon pouch with a waterproof resistant zip to keep your gear protected, which has an easy to find, hi visibility pull-tab.

The new pouch opens up to multiple fold out compartments which are clear view for ease of browsing your desired kit!

Carry handle on top and two belt loops on the rear.
Clear pouch on the rear below the belt loops for quick easy access to survival/emergency instructions.


  • 24-in-1 tool
  • 3-in-1 Karabiner, Compass & Thermometer
  • Hypothermia foil blanket
  • Sewing kit
  • Fishing kit
  • Wire saw
  • Distress whistle
  • Fireball flint & striker
  • LED micro torch
  • Clear silicone tubing 1m
  • Dog tags x 2
  • Resuscitator
  • Safety pins
  • Single edged razor blade
  • White cable tie
  • Gold wire snare 12″
  • White nylon cord 3″
  • Candle
  • Pencil
  • Survival instructions
  • Calico triangular bandage 90 x 127cm
  • No.8 medium dressing
  • No.9 medium dressing
  • Conforming bandage 7.5cm x 4m
  • Cotton gauze swabs
  • Elastic adhesive bandage 2.5cm x 4.5m
  • Paraffin gauze 10x10cm
  • First aid scissors
  • Safety pins
  • Burn bag
  • Assorted waterproof plasters
  • Lifesaver instruction leafletMade in Britain.Pouch Size: 26 x 14 x 7cm


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