HQS Hunter

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HQS Hunter

The HQS Hunter is the most well-known model in the HQS family of suppressors.

The Hunter is an over barrel/ Reflex suppressor made of a single core, resulting in high resistance to vibration and wear, even in rigorous firing.

Suitable for all classical hunting calibres and achieving 50% recoil reduction and 37 dB reduction in sound.

  • Length: 250 mm
  • Length added to the barrel: 154 mm
  • Diameter: 54 mm
  • Weight: 497 gr
  • Noise reduction: 37+ dB
  • Threads: 13х1 | 14х1 | 14х1L | 15х1 | 16х1 | 17х1 | 18х1 | 1/2“ – 20UNF | 1/2“ – 28UNEF | 5/8”- 24UNEF



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