MTM Universal Powder Funnel Kit AF7 Clear Red

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For serious reloaders, the Universal Powder Funnel set is designed for those who load multiple calibers. Once you purchase our Universal Funnel Set, you will never need another funnel.

7 Piece Set Includes:

    • Small Multi-caliber Powder Funnel – .243 to .45
    • Patented Adapto Powder Funnel – 4 adapters and drop tube attach to this funnel
    • Adapter 1 = .17 to .22
    • Adapter 2 = .22 to .29
    • Adapter 3 = .30 to .45
    • Adapter 4 = .22 to .50 Designed for WSM, WSSM and Rem Ultra Mags
    • 4 in Drop Tube = Everyone knows that certain types of powders won’t load properly without a drop tube = .22 to .45
    • Includes storage case, so you will not lose them before you need them


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