Quake’s Hush Stalker 2 QD Swivels pair 1″ locking swivels



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  • Quake™ Hush Stalker II Sling Swivels provide the same no squeak, no rattle features of the original Hush Stalker™.
  • And now with the added convenience of a Quick-Release stud!
  • These Steel Sling Swivels are designed for those sportsmen who wish to quickly transfer their favourite sling between two various firearms.
  • With QD swivels, Sling removal is even faster and simpler with the Quick Detach design and all with the added bonus of extremely strength and ensured durability.


Simply unscrew with your fingers and remove the swivel/sling unit. No tools required

Fitting: For use with 25mm / 1″ sling ends.      Finish: Full Steel with black finish.    Weight: Approx. 33 grams per pair.


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