Restricted Items

  • An original license is always required for restricted products. We will not accept copies.
  • Restricted items cannot be paid for online.
  • Restricted items may only be shipped to another registered firearms dealer and where we agree to do this there is a fee of £40 and procedures to follow. It must be agreed prior to any sale if we are shipping your item to another dealer as there may be further procedures to follow.
  • We will need to see the appropriate paperwork for the sale of firearms, shotguns, airguns, airsoft guns (with valid defence) ammunition, primers and powder
  • It is company policy to take a copy of your certificate when you make a purchase with us for restricted items. This will be stored securely and then destroyed when no longer required.
  • Collection of restrcited items is by appointment only and we will require a photo of the front of your license prior to your appointment.
  • Airguns require photo ID
  • We will not engage in ANY sales to under 18’s
  • Some items may not require a license e.g. most projectiles/bullets but we may chose to request a copy of such a license as our products are only suitable for shooting in most cases and it is pure common sense to keep these products for the lawful shooting community only.
  • Given the nature of our products there are no exceptions to these rules

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